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Papel e Caneta

Papel e Caneta


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Ana Catarina

I watch you disappear from my story
memories of glory and grace
Golden skies
Rainy days
Hazel nut bright green gaze
Oh Love do I miss that maze

I wish I'd seen it all
Before i took the fall
Falling in love is easy
Falling for you was my misery
If only you knew the fights I had with myself
The way I could barely tell
The way you had put me trough hell
Without doing much
Your presence alone set me in a rush
Love I miss your touch
I'm well aware I never felt it
Still I miss the way my insides melted
At your sight
The way i thought I was yours and you were mine
Forever, baby... I...
I didnt know how hard it would be to let you go
Thought I had it planned head to toe
Rather faster than slow
Now shattered to pieces
We're broken and no bandaid can fix this

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