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Papel e Caneta

Papel e Caneta


Desta vez em inglês

Ana Catarina

Once upon time
In a foreign land
With a foreign language
And a foreign lad

A camp took place
They set their tents
In solid ground
Never knowing
What they had found

And the sun rose
And the moon violet
And the breaking of the dawn
Was so violent

They stood sword and shield
Fighting through the night
Like knights in a battlefield
To see who's more willing to win

To the end they came
If only the armor
It's purpose had fulfilled
There would have been no one to blame

What a great sword
Divided them in half
Half stood strong
Half fell to the ground

Standing there
As clear as a sunny day
Those two soldiers
Realized they couldn't stay

For they had fought
The greatest of fights
And through all the dark
Love lost its light



Já deu para perceber que gosto de escrever poemas... Na verdade acho que sempre foi assim.

Espero que me acompanhem nestas  histórias rimadas também.


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